iOS vs Android: A Guide to Selecting Your Ideal Mobile OS

iOS vs Android

In the digital world of today, almost everyone uses a smartphone. The chances of using an operating system other than iOS or Android are scarce. Whether you have a simple touchscreen phone or a flagship mobile device, you will indeed be using an Android or an iOS operating system. The latest versions of both these OS are great and have their benefits and drawbacks.

There is no short answer to which one is the best, but rather it all depends on one’s personal choice and preference. The competition between these two operating systems ultimately falls in the favor of the user. Because over the years, as a result of their competition, they have improved drastically. In this article, we will discuss some critical points of both operating systems and see which one is better in which area.

Display Comparison

Android and iPhone Display

The first and most crucial segment of a phone for most people is its display. iPhones have a decent screen-to-body ratio and the best refresh rate in terms of responsiveness. However, it also has a massive notch at the top. On the other hand, Android devices have a very minute notch.

Also, during sunlight, the iPhone’s display is just visible, while Android devices have very high brightness. Overall, iPhones usually have an excellent screen display. Android devices are also close to matching the iPhone display, so we will call it a draw in terms of the screen display.

Performance Of Both Operating Systems

Performance is another significant aspect that one considers when selecting a phone. In terms of benchmark tests, the iPhones score higher and draw less power. Also, if you are a gamer, the games run smoother on iPhones than Android devices.

On the other hand, Android devices have more multitasking options and come with larger RAM than iPhones. But at the same time, 3GB RAM on an iPhone feels like 8GB RAM on an Android device because of the memory efficiency. So, in terms of FPS, smooth feel, and power efficiency, the iPhone is a clear winner.

Battery Experience

Android and iOS battery

In our experience, iPhones used to have the worst battery. Still, since the launch of the iPhone 13, the battery has drastically improved. In large-screen phones, the iPhone 13 Pro has the best battery, and in the case of compact phones, iPhone 13 scores more than Android devices.

Another side of the battery experience is its charging time. Some people prefer fast charging to longer battery use time, while some prefer more battery time than fast charging. There are Android devices that have super fast charging but only a little power efficiency. On the other hand, iPhones do not have high-speed charging, but the power efficiency of the iPhone is world-class.


iPhones, in general, have been known for their security and camera features. There are also Android devices nowadays that have huge pixels, like a 108MP wide camera and so on. However, the iPhone’s overall camera experience and photo quality are better.

For some shots, the Android devices like Google Pixel and Samsung S20 series perform better, such as in a darker environment or the zoom capability. But as said before, the overall camera experience of an iPhone is better than Android.


videography of iOS and Android

In terms of videography, the iPhones are uncontested. You can shoot 4k videos at 24, 30, 45, and 60 frames per second. You can also find fantastic stability and focus in videos shot on iPhones. iPhones also have unique camera modes and features such as Cinematic mode, Action mode, HDR, Time‑lapse, Night mode, QuickTake video, etc.

Eco Consciousness

If you are someone who cares and worries about the planet, then the iPhone is the choice for you. Apple uses 20% of recycled materials in their manufacturing which is the highest in the industry right now. Also, Apple aims to be carbon neutral till 2030, while other Android companies aim to be carbon neutral till 2040 and 2050. So in the context of eco-consciousness, the iPhone is the clear winner.

Software Reliability

There is no magic phone in the market that won’t have any bugs, software glitches, or app crashes. We have seen app crashes in iPhones and automatic decreases in screen brightness. It also stops charging when it’s warm. When an app crashes on an iPhone, it just disappears, while on Android, it gives an error message of some kind.

On Android devices, we have also seen several bugs and glitches. For Example, on a new phone, you click on the camera, which quickly opens, but after days of use, it takes some time. iPhones, on the other hand, rarely have these types of glitches. Right now, the iOS and the new Android versions are pretty stable, so in terms of software reliability, we will call it a draw. Learn more about QR

Voice Assistant

The Google Assistant and Siri can do similar tasks such as taking notes, dialing numbers, reading the weather and news, playing music, and announcing messages. There is no significant difference between the two. However, Cortana, Alexa, and Bixby are also Google’s voice assistants, which is an edge of Google Assistant over Siri. So, in terms of voice assistant, Android is the clear winner.


In short, the iPhone wins in more categories than Android, but that is not the whole story. It is a personal decision that comes down to what the person who is buying the phone actually cares about. One person might prioritize battery while the other might give more value to camera quality.

So as mentioned before, there is no straight answer to which operating system is the best. It is all about personal liking and priority. Also read about the best tricks and tips for mobile phones to make full of your phone, regardless of the operating system.


Both operating systems are equally good. It all depends on one’s personal choice and preference.

For some shots iPhone is the best, while for some specific shots, the Android phones performs better. However, in terms of videography iPhone is the king.

There are some Android phones which are manufactured for the sole purpose of better performance. However, in general, the iPhones have better performance.